What is LockCube?

LockCube is a cloud storage service with a military grade security implementation. It leverages on 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to secure all remote access to the cloud. Any files (such as Microsoft Office documents, zipped files, pdf, videos, photos and songs) can be securely backup and shared anytime, anywhere, with any devices.

It is scalable, affordable and most ideal for Small Medium Enterprises and even home users as they only pay for what they use, based on their storage requirements.

All data are fully authenticated and encrypted before leaving the client's machine (such as desktops and laptops) and remains encrypted while transmitting over the public network to the cloud storage. Your security can be further assured as we do not store your encryption key in our server. Hence, there is no way our internal staff are able to access your sensitive data without your encryption key.