What is LockCube SecureDrive

LockCube SecureDrive, currently in beta, is a value-added service for all LockCube users. It is an encryption utility that secures files stored in removable media like USB flash drive, SD card or external hard drive with 256-bit AES encryption.

All files are automatically encrypted when copied from local hard drive or file server or even LockCube drive to any removable media. Similarly, all encrypted files are automatically decrypted when copied from any removable media back to local hard drive or file server (except for LockCube drive that will always remain encrypted).

Extended Services via LockCube SecureDrive

LockCube also provides extended services to users through LockCube SecureDrive:

  1. A hassle-free file backup of 50GB or more.
    LockCube users simply use LockCube SecureDrive to securely copy all files to a removable disk and pass it to LockCube Team to quickly copy the encrypted files to LockCube cloud storage.
  2. An immediate file restoration for disaster recovery.
    LockCube users pass a removable disk to LockCube Team, who will securely restore all files to the removable disk and pass it back to the users. Users then salvage all the lost files by using LockCube SecureDrive to copy and decrypt the encrypted files from the removable disk back to the hard drive or file server.

Please note that these extended services are chargeable. Kindly email to ask-lockcube@secureage.com to request for a quotation.

LockCube SecureDrive User Guide

LockCube SecureDrive is available from version 1.5 onwards.

  1. Plug in your removable media and launch LockCube App.
  2. Click on SecureDrive icon on LockCube App.
  1. In SecureDrive page, you will see a list of removable media drives connected.
  2. Select your desired drive and click on the respective checkbox to enable/disable the encryption utility.
  1. Once encryption utility is enabled, the removable media is now protected with LockCube key.
  2. Launch Windows Explorer to access your removable media.
  3. Every file that is copied inside will be encrypted with LockCube key. Note that SecureDrive does not encrypt the existing file on the removable media before it is plugged in.
  4. To retrieve the original content of encrypted file, simply copy out from the removable media while SecureDrive is turned on.