Create Encryption Password

  • If you are using LockCube for the first time, you will be prompted to create an encryption key after you have launched LockCube App.
    Note: It is important to create the encryption key in order to protect all your files that are stored in LockCube cloud storage. The encryption key, once created, will encrypt every single file automatically without any user's involvement. Individual file remains encrypted before, during and after it is transmitted over the network to LockCube cloud storage.
  • Key in your encryption password twice and then enter the encryption password hint in the respective input fields. Click OK to continue.
    Caution: Encryption password cannot be changed once created. Therefore, it is important to create an encryption password and password hint that is easily remembered by you, but not easily guessed by others.
  • Next, you will be prompted to backup your encryption key file. You can use the backup key file to recover your encryption password in case you cannot recall it in future, even with the help of the password hint. You are therefore strongly advised to select the first option, 'I want to create the key file and send it to this email address'. Then enter the email address, preferably another email account that is different from the one you use to register LockCube.
    Caution : It is important that you safe-keep your encryption password as it is the one and only key to decrypt / decipher your data. We do not store your encryption key in our server in order to ensure that hackers or even the LockCube employees cannot open the encrypted data without your authorized key. There is no way we can help you to recover your lost encryption key if you do not have a backup of the key file.

  • You will be notified of the successful creation of the encryption key, as seen in the image below. Click OK to start using LockCube App.

If you have opted to send your backup encryption key file to your email, please check your email and locate the email with the subject header, 'LockCube Encryption Password'. Please safeguard this email for future encryption password recovery.