1. At the Backup page, click on Manual button at the top right corner.
  2. At Folder to Backup field, specify your desired backup folder by clicking on the folder icon.
  3. Click on Backup Now at the bottom right corner. Status bars showing the backup progress will be shown at the bottom of the LockCube App. If you wish to terminate the backup halfway, please click on Cancel Backup.

The uploading speed depends on your Internet bandwidth. If you are uploading huge data size for the first time, the transfer speed usually takes a long time. However, the uploading time for subsequent backup of the same data will be significantly reduced. This is because LockCube's in-file delta technology will detect and backup only the amended files. LockCube is NGNBN enabled and if you are using NGNBN line (High Speed Fibre Broadband), you will truly appreciate the fast uploading time provided by LockCube's in-file delta technology.